Fresh Ways to Wear Your Essential Tee

Our reason for starting Stepforward was simple. Elevated essentials, perfectly cut, flattering to most women’s body types and to an array of different skin tones. We’ve put tons of research into color palettes and shades, the perfect fabric and the best neckline. And we must say that we are pretty proud.

If we could wear our scoop-neck tee every single day we would. And we practically do. Because this staple is such an essential part of our daily wardrobe we are always keeping an eye out for fresh new ways to boost this basic.

We scoped bloggers, stylistas, fashionistas and Pinterest to bring you a few fresh takes on the tee to take you into fall.

A Bold Duster

We’ve seen lots of duster jackets cropping up. While we love the structure and edge this long jacket can bring to any outfit, it can be difficult to pull off if you’re not sure exactly what to pair it with. But it’s worth a try since the duster can be a figure flattering look for nearly every body type. Here are a few of our favorite ways to pair your tee and duster:



via StyleCaster




The color of this amazing duster/vest is insane. This is definitely a look for a fashion-forward day on the town. Simplicity is key as the canary yellow of the coat takes center stage. Here, the lightly scooped tee is gently tucked into tapered trousers.




We adore the silky texture of this black duster coat and its mid-shin hemline has enough drama without going overboard. A black-and-white palette makes this combo work appropriate paired with slim trousers and black pumps. The tee is worn slightly loose and gently tucked in for a blouse look. Glam it up with a chunky gold bracelet and diamond studs and you can take on the world!



via ASOS



Adding this mid-length trench coat-like duster is a great way to grow-up the summer t-shirt and jean shorts standby. Matched with a fun crossbody and chunky booties, this look says both casual and city sophisticate. Try a gently cut v-neck tee to contrast with the boxy structure of the coat.



via StyleCaster



The Capelet

Somewhere between a cape and a short jacket, the capelet is a fun and versatile way to throw some sass onto your jeans and t-shirt combo. Depending on the type, it can add a little retro or romantic flair. Here are some ways to pair the capelet with a tee that stood out to us:






Fall-ready and romantic a  knit capelet adds color and coziness to this cold weather long-sleeved ensemble. The long skirt adds romance while black leather boots and a heel give it enough edge. We can also see this working with brown boots. Have fun playing with color in with this look while keeping it within the nature-inspired realm. Have the tee and printed skirt act as a neutral base. Etsy is a great source for trying out the chunky knit capelet look!












via Vaunte


Okay, we admit it. This capelet is a Prada. And the t-shirt shown is a tank. Whether or not your budget is Prada-friendly is not the point, however. And this, of course, will work with your tee! This capelet has a bold, yet elegant print and intricate detail. You may be able to scoop up something similar at a vintage store, or embellish a plain version yourself. This look is especially great for long, tall types or those who would like to balance out their silhouette.


Simplify a look from your favorite decade with your t-shirt wardrobe. It’s much easier than going full vintage. You just need to think in the silhouette of that decade and have a couple of key accessories down.

Fashion blogger Luanna Perez-Garreaux (@luanna90 on Instagram) has the ’90s down. And while a lot of her neo-gothic looks may not be every gal’s cup of tea, she has a remarkable way of contemporizing the grunge look. Mainly through use of fitted elements and a certain exactness that wasn’t apart of the scene back then. We love how she put together this over-sized tee over ripped jeans and added a choker and low-top Doc Martens. A touch of nineties; a touch of class.


Forties and Eighties

These two looks show just how versatile a great pencil skirt can be. Go for a glamorous 1940s inspired look by pairing a soft scoop-necked tee with a mid-length pencil skirt. Platform sandals and a structured bag complete this casual screen-siren look.









Take that same pencil skirt (or a slightly shorter one) and match it with your favorite colored tee and jean jacket. Studded pumps and fun jewelry make give it that fun eighties vibe without going costumey.

While we could spend all day coming up with t-shirt pairings the whole idea is to keep it simple! So get out there, stock up on some great basic tees (hint, hint we’ve got plenty) and start experimenting!




How Not to Be (that) Dog Owner

We get it. Sighing while scooping out clumps of cat litter, you’d dream of the day when you would have your own place and your own dog. Like the opening scene from 101 Dalmations, you and your best fur friend would meld into one…both of you having a seamless style. You’d take walks into the park together, and maybe one day you meet someone in the park with the same dog aesthetic. Who just happens to look like Ewan MacGregor…



Ewan MacGregor and his lady friend walk the dogs. Photo via Vogue

Finally, the day has arrived. You have your own place and intend to put your own dog in it. But before you bring the lucky creature home, a few tips to navigate modern dog ownership are a must. We quizzed our dog-owning friends and picked the brain of Jula Bell, who runs Dog Camp LA  a top L.A. dog walking and sitting service, and came up with five essential tips every dog-owning dame should know:

Step One: Rescue dog, Step Two: Train Dog

What could be better than a rescue dog? A trained rescue dog. While every dog should have training, many rescue dogs have been stressful or unideal situations. They may be perfectly fine with you around your pad, but freak out when meeting other dogs. Jula really stresses the importance of investing in training. Don’t let the dog off leash until it’s trained, and if another dog owner says their dog is aggressive or looks like they don’t want their dog to greet yours, believe them and politely pass by.



Well-trained and fabulous. “La Marchesa Luisa Casati and Greyhound” by Giovanni Boldini





Step Three: Walk it Out 

All dogs need to be walked no matter how small. It’s a vital part of their well-being. Busy gals who may be running from job to school to internship might think they can do the walking on their own or get away with short potty breaks outside, but quickly realize they’d rather pay a dog walker than pay for the results of their dog’s crazy pent-up energy. Hiring a regular dog walking/pet sitting service can be a relief, especially as a well-run company will be insured and have trained staff, but if you can’t afford the expense, at least consider trading dog walks with a dog-owning friend. Always meet and interview a new dog walker to make sure they are a fit with your dogs routine…and don’t forget to tip your walker, they earn it!



A good walk goes a long way towards calming an anxious dog. Illustration by Keith Negley.



Step Four: The Etiquette of Poop

Okay, you got that the dog needs food and water. Oh, and walks are important. But let’s not forget, that like people, dogs poop. Probably one of the most polite things a dog owner can do is pick up after their pet. So, get a leash that has a poop bag attachment, or keep the bags within easy reach (it might also be good to stash some in your car.) If you happen to run out, try and find a newspaper or plastic bag to scoop up your dogs special gift. Jula says she’s even come back later to pick up poop when she’s run out of bags.


Even Billie Holiday had to pick up dog poop.


Step Five: Don’t Use that Leash…

We don’t like dictating “shoulds and should not’s” and always stress finding out what works for you. The same thing applies to you and your dog. However, in talking to many of our dog-owning pals, one pet peeve kept coming up. Those leashes. We are talking about the retractable kind that for the most part have very slim tethers. It allows for a certain amount of autonomy, yes, but can make controlling the dog very difficult. If you do decide to use this type of leash Jula says, get the ribbon kind, not the string kind and make sure your dog is well-trained enough to come back when called. If you have a large dog, it’s really best not to use this type of leash as even the most well-trained dog can become excited and unpredictable. Use it instead as a semi-off leash tool (on a dog beach, or off-leash dog hiking spot.)


Illustration by Jacqueline Bisset

There is of course, a lot more that goes into having the best-behaved dog on the block, but these tips will get you started. And remember, you already have the essential part down: love.